Altitude works

ELGRA VISION D.O.O. offers altitude works, specifically works that, with the appropriate security equipment, are performed in specific, hard-to-reach and often dangerous locations. Company’s team consists of workers who are technically qualified for altitude works and who possess valid medical certificates for conducting this type of work. For high-level work, such as interventions on power lines, trucks with lifting platforms are used. The trucks have all the necessary attestations which confirm the functioning in accordance with all safety and health regulations. The altitude works that are performed both in the open and in the enclosed space include:

• Installation of Obstacle Lighting Systems on high-rise buildings
• Restoration of industrial facilities according to the specific requirements of the contracting authority
• Emergency interventions in industrial, commercial, residential and religious buildings
• Anti-corrosive protection of metal surfaces and structures
• Cutting and welding from the rope
• Visual inspection and recording (video, photo) of objects at risk
• Painting and paintwork, plaster works
• Dismantling and demolition, masonry works
• Cleaning of glass surfaces


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