Consultancy engineering services

Turnkey projects are the highest level of performance in any field of business. A complete knowledge of the works is obligatory, to the tiniest detail.

One of the most important projects of ELGRA VISION d.o.o. was the installation of the lighting system for the helipad at the roof of the hotel “Splendid” in Bećići, in 2007.

A highly qualified workforce of ELGRA VISION d.o.o. carried out the turnkey project at the Banja Luka Airport in the Republic of Srpska, consisting of procurement and complete replacement of outdated constant current regulators (CCRs) and remote control and monitoring system. ELGRA VISION d.o.o. also conducted the revitalization of the primary network, procurement and delivery of equipment with its commissioning.

Although it was not a turn-key project, in 2009 a very demanding project was carried out at the Belgrade-based Nikola Tesla airport when, in the night conditions, about 100 km of primary cables, associated connectors and insulation transformers were replaced. Simultaneously with cable replacement, works on the construction of the Taxiway F (TWY F) were carried out including the installation of central line lights and their implementation in the existing remote monitoring and control system. In addition, 4 new CCRs and 50 new runway edge lights were installed, cable ducts were added to the PAPI approach light indicators and the remote control and monitoring system was serviced.

In accordance with the new regulations, ELGRA VISION d.o.o signed a contract with the Belgrade airport on the delivery and installation of two wind direction indicators on maneuvering surfaces near both runway thresholds. The works included the construction of a cable duct to power the lights on top of one of the wind direction indicators, electro-installation works on the construction of power cabinets, cable extraction and connection.

According to the same turnkey system, ELGRA VISION d.o.o. performs works on electric power facilities. Thanks to the constant communication between the Client and the competent power distribution company, the works are carried out on mutual satisfaction.
ELGRA VISION d.o.o. consultancy engineering system has been completely tested, from the simplest to the most complex projects. Due to the company’s rich experience and professionalism, the jobs are always performed well, on time and within the agreed budget.


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