Ground lighting systems at airports

CAT I / CAT II / CAT III approach lights; threshold, edge, center lines, touch points and runway end lights; approach angle indicator lights; runway and apron edge and central line lights; manageable and unmanageable Stop bar lights and WIG WAG lights; vertical illuminated markings; aprons and hangars floodlights and other unspecified lights.

Substations; constant current regulators; surge arresters; spare power sources (diesel power generators and UPS); cable ducts, primary and secondary cables of serial circuits with associated connectors and insulation transformers; modules for individually controlled lights with accompanying optical and metallic cables; centralized and decentralized 400 Hz systems for airplane power feeding.

Remote control and monitoring of the ground lighting system, apron lighting and power supply. Instrumental guidance systems; meteorological systems, remote control of the ground lighting system from aircrafts; SMGCS systems (Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems);

ELGRA VISION d.o.o. employees have installed light, energy and controlling equipment at airports of all categories.

Special attention should be given to the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, where the built-in equipment allows for constant openness up to horizontal visibility below 50 m, while the vertical is 0 m. Under conditions of reduced visibility, individually controlled lights and a special remote control and monitoring system, enable safe maneuvering is enabled on the taxiways from / to the runway. For these purposes, the flight controller can form the selected light line or use the Stop bar to stop the movement of an airplane by simply pressing the “button” on the Workstation screen.

ELGRA VISION d.o.o. staff was trained at TRANSCON ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS (Czech Republic), ERNI AGL AG (Switzerland), CALZAVARA, CLAMPCO SYSTEMS (Italy) and NIVATEC-EUROPOLES GmbH (Switzerland). The company has implemented the acquired knowledge at the Nikola Tesla airport in Belgrade, “Konstantin Veliki” in Nis and Banja Luka airport. Thanks to these trainings and specialization, the company’s experts are at the client’s disposal, for both design and construction. Furthermore, our staff are able to examine the quality and within the agreed time limit put into operation the lighting system of at any airport.

In addition to everything mentioned above, retroreflective markers are also used for the marking of maneuvering surfaces. The EVM-375 blue color markers that provide information on the width of the taxiway are installed, according to ICAO and FAA recommendations, at taxiways equipped with central line lights. In winter conditions, when the edge lights and markers can be covered with snow, special red EVSM-1000 type snow markers are placed.

Apart from projects at our largest airport, we are particularly proud of the work on the reconstruction of the complete ground lighting system of the northern runway of Dubai airport, UAE, as well as on continuous cooperation on a multitude of projects with Banja Luka airport in RS.


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