Ground lighting systems at helipads

Approach lights; FATO lights; bright TLOF surfaces; high-intensity flashing lights; approach angle indicators; runways and platforms edge lights; aviation obstacle lights; FATO, platforms and hangars floodlights; illuminated wind direction indicators; other unlisted lights.

Substations; constant current regulators; surge arresters; spare power sources (diesel power generators and UPS); cable ducts, primary and secondary cables of serial circuits with associated connectors and insulation transformers;

Remote control and monitoring of the ground lighting system, apron lighting and power supply. Instrumental guidance systems; meteorological systems, remote control of the ground lighting system from the helicopter.

The most important project of ELGRA VISION d.o.o. includes the installation of the ground lighting system for a helipad located on the roof of the “Splendid” Hotel in Bečići. The equipment of TRANSCON ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS was installed on the roof of the hotel in 2007.

Another particularly interesting project was the equipping of the “Zlatna truba” Hotel helipad in Guca for the take-off and landing of helicopters in conditions of reduced visibility. In accordance with its ambitions and desire for continuous progress, during the Assembly in Guca in 2009. and 2010., with the help of the mobile helipad TMH.02 of the Czech company TRANSCON ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, ELGRA VISION d.o.o, temporarily equipped the hotel’s helipad for night flights!

The mobile helipad type THM.2 trailer contains all the equipment required for landing and take-off in reduced visibility conditions.

An identical system, but this time intended for constant work and certified for night flying, was also installed on Helimaster helipad in Dobanovci, in August 2017.

We are particularly proud of installing a permanent ground lighting system at the Military Medical Academy heliport in Belgrade, which was our donation to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia.


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