Power engineering

I the area of electrical power engineering, ELGRA VISION D.O.O. is engaged in designing, organizing and executing works from the domain of low (0.4 kV), medium (10.35 kV) and high voltage (110, 220 and 400 kV). These include construction, overhaul and revision of substations, power lines, low voltage and medium voltage divisions, electrical installations in technical and residential buildings, various types of lighting and other electric power facilities. Revisions and overhauls of transformer stations include testing of power transformers, setting and testing of switching equipment, testing of protection, inspection of the condition of the cable heads and Safety Equipment and others at the usual voltage levels 110/35, 35/10 and 10 / 0, 4 kV, as well as on specific 110 / 25, 10/6, 1/3, 3/1, 1 / 0,4kV voltage levels with frequencies 50, 400 Hz and other…

• Testing the insulation resistance of coils
• Testing the coil resistance
• Thermo-vision transformer testing
• Silica gel replacement
• Dielectric oil penetration testing
• Testing the buholc relay
• Testing the contact thermometer
• Differential protection testing
• Examination of boiler protection
• Oil filtering
• Oil change
• Complete replacement of the sealant
• Replacement of NN and VN insulators


Switching equipment:
• Revisions and overhauls with adjusting busbars, switches, output busbars with grounding knives
• Testing the voltage drop in contacts
• Overcurrent testing
• Secondary and primary relay testing

Inspections and overhauls of other equipment:
• Distribution and equipment of the 400 Hz aircraft power supply system
• Distribution of own consumption 400 / 230 V, 50 Hz
• Distribution of own consumption 24,48,110 V, j.s.s.
• Distribution boards for supplying inverters and rectifiers
• Diesel power units and UPS
• Remote control and monitoring equipment

In addition, ELGRA VISION D.O.O. own top of the range testing equipment (universal gauges, current pliers, testing equipment for grounding and lightning arresters, dielectric oil penetration testers, short circuit currents, thermo-vision cameras, FID switches, and other necessary equipment of the latest generation). All these measuring instruments have been produced by renowned companies such as CHAUVIN ARNOUX, EI NIŠ, TESTBOY and ISKRA, with all the necessary certificates and in accordance with applicable regulations.

  • Insulation resistance of TT and EN cables, transformers, electric motors, generators and other devices with voltages from 50 V to 5000 V
  • Loop current resistance and short circuit current
  • FID switch testing
  • Ground resistance testing
  • Lightning arresters testing
  • Testing the connection of metal masses
  • Measurement of small resistance, such as transformers coils, with micro-om meter
  • Testing the dielectric oil penetration of the transformer
  • Testing of insulation carpets, gloves, boots and other equipment
  • Testing of overcurrent protection on switches
  • Testing the voltage drop at the switch contacts
  • Testing the brightness of the light
  • Heat testing with a contactless thermometer
  • Heat testing with thermo-vision camera


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