Training of qualified personnel for handling and maintenance of installed equipment is carried out by experts who all have many years of experience in all fields of activity of ELGRA VISION D.O.O. Trainings take place both in the premises of the company itself and on site, at airports and heliports. Also, in the field of airport ground lighting systems (AGL) education of pilots and other aviation experts is organized and conducted. Along the installation of the equipment for the ground lighting systems, the company provides the customer with all the necessary supporting documentation carrying a complete and detailed instruction for handling the equipment. The marketing department is responsible for the creation of all copyright protected scripts, manuals, catalogs and other professional literature.

At the same time, the company constantly works on training its employees in accordance with the development of technology in the field of aeronautical engineering. The workers are trained primarily in the company TRANSCON ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS in the Czech Republic, since ELGRA VISION D.O.O. is their agent and distributor of their equipment. In addition, professional staff is instructed at training centers of CLAMPCO SISTEMI (Italy) and NIVATEC-EUROPOLES GmbH (Switzerland).


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